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In 15 chapters the book covers breeding biology, territory, dispersal, population dynamics and much more. A huge portion of the book is devoted to the diet and feeding ecology of the Common Buzzard — which, unlike many people believe, eats more than just voles. The last chapter covers the decline and subsequent recovery of the Common Buzzard in the UK. The species is now much more common in the UK that it used to be and it has recovered many areas where it was absent for decades.

This is a great bonus to the book as there are of course differences in climate, landscape or prey species across Europe and by including research from other countries the author manages to paint a much broader of ecology of Common Buzzards. The book is very well written in an English that easy to understand. It is not a dry scientific book, but still scientifically accurate, and the text clearly shows the admiration Peter Dare has for his study subject.

Whittles Published has published several great raptor books over the last years.

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This is my favorite so far and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in Common Buzzards in particular but also in raptors or birds in general. A huge volume with about pages it was the most comprehensive and detailed overview of all European raptors.

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Since a lot has happened for European raptors. Many new papers have been published and the populations of some specie have increased considerably, for example the numbers of the White-tailed Eagle in many countries. I was very happy when the publisher sent me a review copy of the new 2nd edition that was published in June It has been fully updated and hundreds of new scientific papers and publications have been added to the species accounts and for many species the population numbers have the latest data available during writing, very often from , sometimes even from The book has two parts.

The first part is worth the price alone. It is one of the best introductions into raptor ecology and conservation available and definitely the best in German. In over pages the authors describe in detail and in an easy to read language how raptors live and how to protect them.

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The second part of the book has detailed species accounts for all raptors that regularly occur in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The species accounts are very detailed and cover many topics including the names of the birds names are given for German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish and Russian , identification, voice, distribution, population, population trends, habitat, density, territory and homerange, behavior, hunting, prey, breeding biology, dispersal and migration, threads, conservation and open questions where further research is needed.

There is a slight focus on Germany in some parts of the book but this really is a book about all of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. This book is the best, most up to date and most comprehensive overview of raptors in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and it deserves a very wide readership.

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The authors have done an amazing job going through so much literature and summing it all up in such an easy to read but still very accurate and comprehensive way. This will be the most important book on European raptors for many years to come! Highly recommend to everyone interested in raptors!

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About the language: The book is written in German and there are no English summaries. I hope that it will be translated into many languages, particularly into English! Peregrine Falcons of the World. A new German book about the Eurasian Hobby is out. It is written in German but has an extended English summary at the end.

It covers the Hobby in Carinthia a state in Austria but the information is relevant for everyone interested in the Hobby no matter where you live because it covers in detail the ecology and behavior of this fascinating little Falcon. Of particular interested is the detailed description of the hunting behavior of the Hobby. The author is Remo Probst, a leading raptor expert in Austria who has studied the Hobby and other raptor species like Goshawks, European Honey Buzzards and White-tailed Eagles for many years.

Love and published by Whittles Publishing. Review below. More information about the book can be found here: A Saga of Sea Eagles. This is a wonderful book. Very readable and full of information about the biology and conservation of the White-tailed Eagle in the UK and beyond. The book has detailed chapters on the biology of the White-tailed Eagle. I really liked the overview of the Sea Eagles of the world and also the very interesting chapter on the prey of the White-tailed Eagle.


A large part of the book covers the reintroduction of the White-tailed Eagle in Scotland and the more recent projects in Ireland and East Scotland are also covered the main focus is on West Scotland. This is probably by far the most detailed account of this reintroduction program, the people involved and all the important steps that eventually lead to an established in increasing population in West Scotland.

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New release projects have started in eastern Scotland and southwest Ireland, both using young birds imported from Norway. Attempts to initiate a release project in lowland England, where there is much suitable habitat, have so far come to nothing. Back in the s there were far fewer administrative obstacles to overcome in order to get a major reintroduction project such as this off the ground. There were no complex reintroduction guidelines to follow and the first birds were released on the Isle of Rum with minimal public consultation, something that would certainly not happen today.

Although, as the author ruefully points out, a reintroduction was only required because the bird was exterminated in the first place, without anything by way of public consultation.

A Saga of Sea Eagles, by John A. Love

The book includes a comprehensive review of the diet and feeding behaviour of the Sea Eagle, including recent studies in western Scotland to investigate the potential for predation of lambs. These show that, while scavenging is commonplace, relatively few live lambs are taken and where this does occur it can be managed effectively through schemes to improve livestock husbandry. While the author is sympathetic towards those few people with a genuine problem he has grown rather weary of persistent attacks on the project based largely on exaggerated or inaccurate claims in the local media.

He is freer to speak his mind than in and that helps to make this book a lively and interesting read. Email address:. BB Ltd, the company that owns and publishes British Birds, is run by a board of directors, all of whom are volunteers. Neither the company directors nor the trustees are paid for their services, providing their time and enthusiasm because they passionately believe in the value of BB.