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A son's journey". The statistical data of her work shows the little vertical integration and the complexities of female architects. In the School of Architecture of Madrid, for example, for every 2. The School of Architecture of Madrid has only 2 female professors, one about to retire. The fields where the situation of women is worse, is in Architectural Design; only two professors in Spain, and in Urbanism, only one. There is a rate indicator defined by the European Commission called the "glass ceiling", which measures the probability of promotion between men and women.

The glass ceiling is a hard limit to trespass on the career of woman, preventing her to achieve professional goals for which, despite she is amply prepared, the structures, stereotypes and biases prevent her rise to the highest levels of the profession. A glass ceiling index equal to 1 indicates no bias in the promotion of women and men.

What is really striking is that the School of Architecture of Madrid glass ceiling index is particularly high, exceeding 8. The average of this index for the whole Polytechnic University is below 2.

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This index is a very clear measure of the extent of the problem women have in architecture. Ashgate, Aldershot-New York, The data show that the feminisation of the career is imminent. In the Spanish version of this article, I explain that despite this, many people insist on not using the feminine form of the word. Laura es arquitecto. There is no doubt that the problem exists. This shows that it is not a matter of time; action is required.

Fortunately there are those who have taken this matter in a specialized way, as Nuria Alvarez Lombardero who after completing his PhD thesis on architecture and gender, organizes a specialized Academic Congress in which interesting issues in the area are addressed. The next congress will be held in Lisbon in The first Sevilla, also emphasized in the feminisation of the word in the Spanish language ArquitectAs. Nuria seeks an explanation for the absence of men at the congress; perhaps because of the subject or the context in general. Although it is noteworthy the male presence in the colloquium now I review.

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Male participation in such meetings is essential, since the integration and understanding of the problem is sought from this hegemonic counterpart, who in a great extent, are interested in maintaining the status quo. The feminisation of labor spheres of architecture is a latent goal. From the most raw and scathing point of view, equity will arrive when a mediocre woman can access the same positions than mediocre man. But the emphasis must be put on "Quality and Equality". Women must acknowledge their own significant and substantial power in society, if not in the field itself.

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And the bottom line—the proof of this particular pudding—is this: buildings have not become better; they have become worse. Architects do not earn more; they earn less. Architects—even the sincere, spend-my-free-time-reading-architecture-books architects—are less valued members of the professional services community—the professional with the lowest hourly rates on the A-E team. Correlation only? In the last slide of her keynote, Katja Tollmar Grillner of the KTH in Stockholm, posted a list of positive actions that women bring to the field. This is a much more productive approach than attempting to redefine the field such that women can succeed more easily while raising families.

Women must come to the field bearing gifts in a blaze of codependent glory? If, instead, we take the gifts of holistic thinking, detail-oriented analytics, social intelligence, and yes, multitasking, away with us to new practice formations or to other fields, we will succeed in one thing only: making bad buildings with good furniture.

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Skip to main content. Read Close. F Filter Close. The second study sheds insight on the focus of gender in contemporary architecture where instance of an architectural work has been cited. Had Derrida proposed terms of feminine she would have initiated a conception based on feminism, architecture and post structuralism. The consequent explanations present topics of focus such as in the world of architecture there can exist the male and female gender collaborating, brainstorming, using creativity hand in hand in order to formulate schemes which would appeal and be appreciated.

Furthermore, they can coexist without having the misconception that male architects are the dominators of the field. The third review presents a case study detailing an analysis on the working patterns of women architects. Fundamental idea of the study is to understand the reasons that drive talented women architects to not being exposed to a world which would appreciate and recognize the potential they possess.

The supposition to the study conducted proves women who follow working patterns which are not standard does not cease to constraint them but rather they serve to enhance their career development. And thus many women who follow employment forms which do not require to commit to the working norms permanently find it beneficial to their career. There are however many factors aside from the standard commitments which seek to pose an issue and that would be the economic factor. Other factors include control and level of commitment, the following being the main difference between a full time role as an architect or a temporary part timer.

To conclude there are many factors which have been taken into account in order to understand the motives for women architects being employed. There exist many scholars who immensely analyze the relationships between human anatomy, sexuality and an architecture. Glancing at atchtiecture, a structure can be either masculine or feminine. Strength, weightiness, or authority are the expressive qualities of male architecture. An example of the I. Johnson Museum of Art at the Cornell University.

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  6. The architecture seeks to catch the eye of many with its modern design using exposed concrete walls finishes and the abstract shapes and angles which it brings along with it. On the other hand there are other architecture which envisage a feminine vibe and critics appear to agree strongly to this factor. The qualities projected would be the building size, proportions, texture color, form, usage of material finishes etc. For instance, the Esplanade in Singapore by Russell John, though being by a male architect, the structure constitutes a spherical shape, with curves and texture deeming it a feminine structure, making the form stand-out in a concrete jungle, a habitat for masculine structures.

    Image 2: The Esplanade in Singapore.

    The opinion of a structure being considered masculine and feminine can be quite contradictory as a structure cannot be conclude the latter or the former based on gender differences. This is a stereotype created in the mindset of people, as mentioned earlier in numerous instances, created in order to highlight gender.

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    Feminism and architecture part 1: Feminist contributions

    Great architecture is one which touches the depth of the viewer leaving him mesmerized and trying to seek out the thought process of the architect who would conjure up such creativity and the conceptual process behind it. A famous example can be taken of Antonio Gaudi and his famous architecture of the Casa Mila which enraptures its viewers at its sight, keeping them in awe about the structure and the thoughts of Antonio during the inception of the initial idea.

    Gender, Sexuality, and Modern Design

    The concept behind the architecture is to retain natural lighting within the structure and allows the space to project a dynamic feel with its abundant windows placed at random locations. This kind of architecture is a play of shadow and light once again leaving the viewers in wonder on the conceptual process involved. Image 4: Sanaa By Kazuyo sejima. It studies women in relation design and questions the feminist theory, the practice, epistemology and ontology aspect.

    It seeks to look at architecture from the feminist perspective, sexuality, and race, bringing into question the design aspect and the analyzing of architecture solely based on gender symbol. This shift is observed through the relation of architectural profession. The study also involves looking to the Marxist critics who have conducted in-depth research into the vast topic by examining architectural structures. Using the element of capitalism and architectural form as an enunciation of values which range widely in the field of politics, social and culture, it also considers the groupings of caste and class and understands the principle realm of the issue of gender segregation has arisen, causing a massive drift in all areas.

    One of the striking aspects of this study is that it observes a building structure in two distinct ways; one being the design aspect and then the construction aspect. The experience of adapting to an environment based on occupation and its functionality, requires to be observed, as its temporal activity which would arrive after the completion of the structure, displaces the structure from its construction aspect.

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    8. Another way would be to look at the architectural aspect and the different events and uses being undertaken in the building which would gradually replicate distinct architectures over a period of time, resulting in creating a unique identity for the structure.