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Science : , Datamonkey: rapid detection of selective pressure on individual sites of codon alignments. Bioinformatics 21 10 : , Evolutionary theory and processes: modern horizons. Characterizing modern nearshore habitats and physical processes influencing habitat availability near the Skagit River delta. Geological Survey: , Characterizing microbial communities and processes in a modern stromatolite Shark Bay using lipid biomarkers and two-dimensional distributions of porewater solutes.

Environmental Microbiology 16 8 : , Evolutionary processes implicit in distribution patterns of modern African mammals. Unknown, Evolutionary theory and processes: modern perspectives. Papers in honour of Eviatar Nevo.

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Puzzles in modern biology. Language, cancer and the recursive processes of evolutionary innovation. Fresearch 5: , Utilization of rare earth spectra of hydrothermal minerals apatite, fluorine, scheelite, wolframite for characterizing ore-forming fluids and identification of magma sources and evolutionary processes. Bulletin de Mineralogie 6 : , Simon, and J. Kadane paper read to the Royal Statistical Society meeting of 22 May, Domb, L. Nature, , plus News and Views, p Lutzoni, F.

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Major fungal lineages derived from lichen-symbiotic ancestors. Payne, R.

Inferring the origins of state-dependent courtship traits. Marjon A. Stanhope, Wilfried W. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 98, Jenkins, G. Zanotto, P. Evolution of base composition and codon usage bias in the genus Flavivirus. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 52 4 : Briefings in Bioinformatics, 1, Is mate fidelity related to site fidelity? A comparative analysis in Ciconiiforms. Animal Behavior, 59, The History, rate, and pattern of World linguistic evolution.

Studdert-Kennedy, and J. Hurford, eds , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp Maximum likelihood models for glottochronology and for reconstructing linguistic phylogenies. Renfrew, A. MacMahon, L. Trask eds.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 15, Nature Research Article , , The maximum likelihood approach to reconstructing ancestral character states of discrete characters on phylogenies. Systematic Biology, 48, Mother and father in surprise genetic agreement. News and Views article Olsson, M. Sperm choice and sperm competition: suggestions for field and laboratory studies. Oikos, 84, Robert, M.

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Retaliatory cuckoos and the evolution of host resistance to brood parasites. Animal Behavior, 58, Reduced parasitism by retaliatory cuckoos selects for hosts that rear cuckoo nestlings. Behavioral Ecology, 9, Dubois, F. Mate fidelity and coloniality in waterbirds: a comparative study. Oecologia, , Developmental stability and signalling among cells. Journal of Theoretical Biology, , Krakauer, D.

Speciation: Chromosomal Mechanisms

Prions' progress: patterns and rates of molecular evolution in relation to spongiform disease. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 47, Inferring evolutionary processes from phylogenies. Accelerated molecular evolution as a consequence of transitions to mutualism. USA, 94, Mace R.

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Phylogenies and cultural evolution. Evolution and Human Behaviour 18, Pagel, M. Desperately concealing father: a theory of parent-infant resemblance. Animal Behaviour, 53, Is the propagation of prion molecules in different hosts an example of Lamarckian inheritance? Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 12, Peck orders in laying hens: 'futures contracts' for non-aggression. Behavioural Processes, 40, Why do animals repeat costly signals?

Animal Behaviour, 54, Poiani, A. Evolution of avian cooperative breeding: comparative tests of the nest predation hypothesis. Evolution, 51, Cotgreave, P. Predicting and understanding rarity: the comparative approach. To appear in W. Kunin and K. Gaston, eds The Biology of Rarity: the causes and consequences of rare-common differences. Chapman and Hall, Phylogenesis of prion protein. Prions: the genealogy of a toxic protein. Social Biology and Human Affairs, 61, Prions and the new molecular phenetics. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 11, How migration affects estimation of the extinction threshold.

Oikos, 76, Selection by somatic signals: The advertisement of phenotypic state through costly intercellular signals. B , , When is false modesty a false economy? An optimality model of escalating displays.

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Lond B , , Escalation and time-costs in displays of endurance. Journal of Theoretical Biology,, Mace, R. Tips, branches, and nodes: seeking adaptations through comparative studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp Sexual selection and oestrous advertisement.

Animal Behaviour, 49, Spatial structure and the evolution of honest cost-free signalling. Proceedings of the Royal Society B , , A latitudinal gradient in the density of human languages in North America. Evolutionary biology: Parents prefer pretty plumage News and Views. The adaptationist wager. In Phylogenetics and Ecology P.