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Elsewhere in the issue Reza Khan is denounced for his violent, dictatorial methods, and his allies for their mercenary, self-serving support. Though a less well-known figure than Eshqi, Bahar is also an interesting character. As a cousin and admirer of the more famous Mohammad Taqi Bahar, the poet laureate, leading light of the Constitutional Revolution and close ally of Modarres, from whom he took his name, I expected Ahmad Bahar to be an opponent of republicanism. I was mistaken. In an example of the constantly shifting and hard to fathom political configurations of the time, by Bahar had broken with his cousin and was a supporter of Reza Khan.

Instead it praises the struggles of the constitutionalists, and describes republicanism as a minor modification, calling for a president elected for fixed terms. Shaykh Ahmad Bahar, for his part, went on to serve as chief of staff to the two latter men. If we overlook the period between the end of the Constitutional Revolution and the. If we give these years their due, the diversity and endurance of the political struggle comes across much more clearly.

Carrying out my research was a novel and exciting experience that taught me a great deal.

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I hope it also unearthed some new insights, and that those I presented to at the BIPS workshop in March found it interesting. Without the financial support and use of the hostel that BIPS offered it would not have been possible, and I am extremely grateful to the Institute for the fantastic opportunity. Nathaniel Rees University of Oxford. The purpose of my trip to Iran was to collect archives of early 78 shellac recordings, rpm recordings and Persian journals and printed material related to the 19th and early 20th century Performance Arts in Iran. I also wanted to consult with the Museum of Music in Tehran to familiarize myself with the extent and contents of their collections.

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I was successful in meeting with staff at the Museum of Music, where I was able to compare notes with them both regarding their archives and holdings, and my own private collections that I had been given, and in this manner, and so confirm the presence or absence of gaps in our archives. I spent most of the 10 days in Tehran and its suburbs, where I was able to collect significant collections of audio and visual files relating to the early 20th century Performance Arts, including a significant amount of 78 shellac, and rpm recordings as well as journals and printed matter relating to 20thcentury performing arts.

I hope in the not too distant future to be able to make all of this material available to the public. While I was in Tehran I was also able to begin research on the history of Lalehzar Street and district. Lalehzar was one of the most iconic streets and districts in Tehran, which in its glory days was the avenue for the introduction of all things modern and in its decline, became the centre for song and dance cabarets, film-Farsi cinemas and burlesque theaters. Concerning Lalehzar, I was able to interview a number of reputable scholars, such as Sayyid Mohammad Beheshti Shirazi, who is currently head of the archival committee of city planning for the Cultural Arts Centre, and Director of the College for the history of archecture and city planning in Tehran.

I also interviewed Dr.

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On the subject of Lalehzar, I also interviewed Amir Shahab Rezvani, and Mehrdad Zahediyan, two filmmakers who have worked extensively on subjects relating Iranian historical subjects, and Tehran in particular. The Institute serves as a neutral forum for the consideration of issues concerning the region and draws upon the resources of London and SOAS to provide teaching, training, research, publication, consultancy, outreach and other services related to the Middle East. ShahreFarang ShahreFarang is the Iranian version of peep boxes, a form of entertainment provided by wandering showmen.

Shahre Farang were made of metal in the shape of an oriental castle with several holes. Lambert 2. A Note on Sasanian Harpies pp. A New Discovery at Bishapur p. Survey of Excavations in Iran: pp. Dollfus, Philip E. Pigott, Maurizio Tosi, William M. Young, Jr. Laurence Lockhart pp. Browne and the Persian Constitutional Movement pp.

Bulliet 3. Berthoud, R. Besenval, S. Cleuziou 6. Levine, E. Keall, L. Vanden Berghe, Judith T. Marucheck, H. Johnson, C.

John Gueritz pp. Sir Mortimer Wheeler pp.

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Kantor Early Cultivation in the Zagros pp. Levine, Mary M. Nemtseva, J. Morton 4. Allan 5. Farshad, D. Isfahanian 6. Some Unpublished Indus Beads from Iran pp. Chakrabarti, Parveen Moghadam 7. Bivar, Andreas Lippert, W. Masson, G. Pugachenkova, J. Hardy Shorter Notices: 1. Kassites and Assyrians in Iran pp. Reade 2. Moorey 3. Seleucia and the Three Dauraks pp. Butterbaugh 5. Morton 6. Little 7. Allan Hand-Tokens and Achaemenid Practice p.

Sherwin-White Kantor, D. Huff, M. Deshayes, G.

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Sir Max Mallowan pp. Professor J. Boyle, M. Bosworth Director's Report November 1st, to October 31st, pp. Robinson A propos des monuments de Sangbast pp. Keall, Margaret A. Rogers Shorter Notices: 1. Wright, Jr. Surface Finds from Iranian Makran pp. Vita-Finzi, L. Copeland 3.

Tuck, Jr. Kohl, Dennis L. Sir Roger Stevens, G.

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Bosworth Narodnoye dvizheniye v Samarkande v g. Bartol'd, J. Keall, Marguerite J.

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Kyllo, R. Royce A Persian Prosodical Problem pp. Tepe Abdul Hosein p.

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